Artists Under Quarantine: John Famiglietti of HEALTH

I can’t possibly imagine there’s going to be any anti-vaxxers after this.

By David Icke Turner

If you have ever seen experimental noise-rock outfit HEALTH perform live, John is the guy with the Rickenbacker bass and glorious mane spinning in a radius of 4 feet. An integral part of creating the dynamic soundscapes that make HEALTH, Famiglietti has been on the front lines of sonic exploration for more than a decade pioneering techniques, advising on technologies, and scoring video games such as Max Payne. 

What are you doing to pass the time?

A mix of fun things to pass the time and doomsday preparations.  Eventually I’ll stop looking at the news and work on some music.

Regarding Covid-19, Is this a fundamental sea change in the world of live music or will things ever go back to normal?

Well it’s going to be very hard to imagine things going back to normal.  So many great venues will go under. I hope the live music industry will survive, not just because it’s my job but because it’s something I love the deepest.

It seems like it’s a challenge to urge people to ‘come together by being apart’. How can we more effectively convey the urgency of helping your fellow human by closing yourself off from others?

Christ I hope people have gotten the message by now.  STAY HOME.

Is it hard for an artist who may otherwise ‘voluntarily quarantine’ to have it suddenly imposed upon them?

Whatever, get the fuck inside.

Will this crisis exacerbate the drift towards tribalism and partisanship in our country ?

No idea.  But I’m guessing no. I think this is bringing people together and will dissolve a lot of belief systems.  So many things seem even more frivolous now and we all have a lot more in common than we thought. I can’t possibly imagine there’s going to be any anti-vaxxers after this.

Is there anyone you feel you need forgive or seek forgiveness from before you/they or both die?

Is this a Christian magazine?


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    This is a good article.


    I really enjoyed this interview. John is a very good bassist.

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