Artists Under Quarantine: Jordan Asher Cruz AKA Boots

I just had a deja vu. 

By David Icke Turner

Photo by Jess Landers

Singer, songwriter, producer, and director Boots has produced and written records for/alongside artists such as Beyonce, Run the Jewels, and FKA Twigs as well as scoring notable films like Fifty Shades of Grey.  Though running the gamut on these high profile projects, Boots remains engaged in projects that elicit artistic evolution including animation and film-making. Having travelled from NYC to his family home in Florida at the beginning of this crisis, time will tell how this isolation will affect him and other artists.

Short question: Will things ever get back to ‘normal’?

I guess it depends on what our collective concept of “normal” is. If “normal” is a world full of open mouth coughers and close talkers woefully unaware of other people and our boundaries; no I don’t imagine we will be too keen on returning to that “normal”. Handshakes may be temporarily displaced with new forms of greeting. 

A lot of my close family members and friends are musicians and their income was gravely affected by all of the tour cancellations. It’s difficult for me to speculate on whether or not large gatherings and crowds will be embraced again so easily. I know once the smoke clears we will all crave some form of normalcy and escapism. 

Long question: Does the solitary nature of social distancing underscore the continued paradigm of people recording their music alone with a laptop or will we ever return to large groups of people huddling together for hours perfecting the distance of microphone to amplifier?

I am and have always been a somewhat solitary person. Social distancing is nothing new for me and has always been a way for me to work things out without the noise of distraction. Wherever there is curiosity in sonic exploration, there will be sonic explorers pushing artistic boundaries in whatever form they can, with whatever tools they have. 

What kind of music do you predict the creeping dread of Covid-19 cultivate? Absolute darkness or bubblegum escape?

That sounds like business as usual. 

How much have your plans changed over the next several months? Have any complete or queued up projects that will see delay?

My plans haven’t changed much. I have three separate albums and an animated series that I’ve been fine tuning over the last five years. My plan has been to release them when they’re finished, hopefully in this year of Cthulhu. 

Are there any spiritual practices you cling to in these pernicious times?

For a while now, I’ve had a rigorous set of spiritual practices that have managed to prepare and balance me in these times. I just had a deja vu. 

Is there anyone you feel you need forgive or seek forgiveness from before you/they or both die?

I had a chip on my shoulder for a long time throughout my life. It kept me sharp in times of distress, but also caused friction. Thankfully I managed to let the chip go and my heart softened a while back. I am not a grudge holder. 

We’re all on this planet / prison ship hurtling through outer space together. It is better to be a source of Love than to add to the madness of the World. 


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