Kanye’s ‘Late Registration’ Precludes Him From Being on Ballot in Critical States

It seems publicity stunts and impotent symbolism are all America has left. 

By David Icke Turner

Kanye West announced via Twitter Saturday that he is running for leader of the highest office on the land. If anything, Yeezy does a great job of keeping our eyeballs pasted to him. 

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States,” the Chicago rapper tweeted with “#2020VISION.”

Yet anyone who knows anything about electoral politics can clearly see this is nothing more than an ego-driven, publicity stunt ahead of a record release.

A 2020 run would be a futile undertaking for the artist and it’s not yet clear if he is willing to take the enormous array of legal steps to formally enter the race. 

An extraordinarily late Fourth of July announcement misses just about all the critical deadlines to be a real contender. West is well beyond every single state filing deadline for the Dems, GOP, and just about every state primary.

A run as an independent candidate may be even further far-fetched. Six, critical state filing deadlines, including several with the highest electoral college votes like New York and Texas, have been missed. 

According to a Ballotpedia list of state deadlines, Yeezy has missed the deadlines to register to appear on the ballot in:

  • North Carolina – Requires Independent candidates to register by March 3
  • Texas – Requires Independent candidates to register by May 11
  • New York – Requires Independent candidates to register by May 26
  • Maine –  Requires Independent candidates to register by June 1
  • New Mexico – Requires candidates to register by June 25
  • Indiana – Requires candidates to register by June 30

Sorry, but anyone who sees this as anything more than a charade to buttress a new record release is sorely mistaken. Max Burns accused West of making the announcement as part of a publicity stunt to support his new single “Wash Us in the Blood”– from the forthcoming album “God’s Country.” Further adding to this narrative of publicity stunt is Kanye’s announcement  of a collaboration The Gap which, according to Business Insider, would bring a version of his popular Yeezy line to stores next year.


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