free palestine

There will be no peace until there is justice for Palestinians.

By Abu Khalil

Photo by Khalil Hamra

Aerial attacks on Gaza by U.S. made Israeli jets persisted for the seventh straight evening just after Israel and the United Arab Emirates declared normalization of relations.

The agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates appears to set the stage for other Gulf nations, particularly Saudi Arabia, to normalize relations with their historic foe. Many analysts and murmurs on the ground see the rapprochement between Israel and the Arab world as a temporary deterrent to Iranian expansion of influence throughout the region. Saudi Arabia and Israel have had unofficial communique on security matters and are rumored to have colluded with each other on a number of regional events. Israel and the UAE reportedly have existing security ties. Palestinians largely see the softening of ties with Israel by Arab governments as a stab in the back as the Jewish state continues bombing Gaza, brutally occupies Palestinian territory, and has recently threatened to annex the West Bank. The proposed West Bank annexation has reportedly been temporarily tabled as a concession to the UAE per the recent peace deal; curiously titled ‘The Abraham Accord.’

Meanwhile, Palestinians get no peace. 

Last night’s air raids allegedly targeted Hamas outposts as an emergency visit by Egyptian security officials attempted to quell the latest conflagration.

“Fighter jets and [other] aircraft struck underground infrastructures belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip,” an Israeli military release said. Attacks on Gaza are regular and the Israelis often use flimsy pretexts. This time they are blaming “explosive and arson balloons launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel”.

“The occupation continued its aggression and carried out air strikes on Gaza after midnight,” Hamas sources said

Israel has recently shut down the critical Karem Abu Salem border crossing and trade terminal. This access point is a crucial access point for fuel, medicine, and other humanitarian goods that Gazans desperately need. Israel has also imposed a ban on fishing off the Gaza coast. Gaza has been under a paralyzing Israeli blockade since 2007.

The sole power plant in Gaza is will be shut down as a result of the crossing’s closure which has cut off crucial fuel supplies. This has left Gaza’s two million residents with roughly four hours of electricity a day.

Arab governments making peace with Israel as they commit human rights violations against Palestinians are putting the proverbial cart ahead of the horse. This is an issue that will continue to resurface until there is a fair settlement that addresses the Palestinian right of return, state aspirations, and self determination. Otherwise, Gulf states could see their own populations turn against them. Iran is unlikely to put aside its regional aspirations and support of Palestinians and pro-Palestinian forces throughout the region in the absence of a negotiated settlement. Arab governments seeking peace with the apartheid state of Israel as a buffer against Iran must do so at their own peril. 


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