Mexico Likely to Have National Legalization by End of 2020

Mexico’s President, Supreme Court, and Congress are set to legalize cannabis by the end of this year. 

By Farah Böhm

Photo by Davide Ragusa

The Mexican president has announced that proposed cannabis legalization will move through Congress next month. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has said he will not block the proposed legislation. 

When asked at a recent press conference about the prospective law, Obrador said “it must be taken into account that we are respectful of the division and balance between powers.” This has been largely construed as a nod to division of powers between executive and legislative branches of the Mexican government — a cryptic thumbs up to senators seeking reformed cannabis laws.

Obrador also recognized that congress is acting in accordance with a Mexican Supreme Court order to dissolve federal limitations on cannabis per the 2018 judgement that banning personal use and possession is unconstitutional.

The legalization act quickly moved through several committees this year and Congress is expected to  enact the reforms before a  December 15 Supreme Court deadline.

“Yes, they are going to decide freely, listening to the opinion of all the parties,” the Mexican President said in regard to the legislators. “There have already been consultations, and if they are going to decide on this matter, that is, there is going to be a legal reform.”

The legalization would permit anyone 18 or  older to possess and grow cannabis for personal use. Adults could grow up to 20 plants as provided the gross yield is not in excess of 480 grams annually. 

Meanwhile, both major party candidates for President in the U.S. are opposed to cannabis legalization.


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