Mutek’s 2020 Virtual Festival Starts Today

mutek 2020

The 2020 electronic music and new media festival will take place in both the kinetic and virtual worlds.

Montreal’s MUTEK 2020 begins today as both a real world and virtual event. As a result of Canada’s comprehensive travel ban, the on site iteration of the festival will feature entirely local Montreal artists. Many of the artists will be exhibiting works focused on the cultural effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. “In compliance with social distancing guidelines, these spaces will be redesigned to provide participants with total safety and optimized listening and viewing pleasure,” announced a Mutek press release.The strictly socially distanced festival takes place at Place des Arts’ Cinquième Salle and the dome of the SAT. Montreal artists such as Priori, Pelada, Ouri, Guillaume Coutu-Dumont, Poirier will be premiering works in the on-site program.

Mutek will be an interesting litmus test for similarly highly visual festivals to understand how hybridized events such as this work during a global pandemic. “All festivals everywhere on the planet are asking themselves what to do,” Mutek Director Alain Mongeau told the Montreal Gazette. “Just doing something is an achievement in itself.”

Programming for this year’s hybrid edition will be free online and ticketed for in-person events.

Artists from around the globe will be hosted on MUTEK’s new virtual platform. The online performances and exhibitions will feature 3 stages and be streamed three times a day per respective time zones in Europe, North America and Asia. International bookings host a bevvy of innovative projects such as Grand River, Molly, Artexte, Bionautas (Jonas Kopp & Flor de Valle) and many more.

Stream the Mutek 2020 Festival free HERE.

Performers on the bill in alphabetical order:

Ai.step, Alexis Langevin-Tétrault, Alicia Hush & Elysha Poirier, Anne-F Jacques, Artexte, Arushi Jain & Carly Lave, Automatisme, Ben Shemie, Bionautas (Jonas Kopp & Flor del Valle), Bleue, Boogieman & Samito, Bruno De Vincenti, BunBun, Chris Salter & Alexandre Saunier, CMD, COR3A, Cy-Ens, Desert Bloom, Diagraf, Efe Ce Ele, Flor de Fuego, George Hurd, Grand River & Marco C, GGROUNDD, Guillaume Coutu-Dumont, Hiroaki Umeda, Joana Gomila, Junichi Akagawa, KnovCompile, Le désert mauve, laced, LLL, Mabe Fratti & Milena Pafundi, Maotik & Maarten Vos, Marina Herlop, Martin Messier, Melesul3, Mimi Allard & Gabriel Lavoie Viau, Molly, Musique Nouvelle, Myriam Boucher, Naiborg, Neo Edo, OBUXUM, Ouri, Pelad, Poirier, Priori, Racine, Sakura Tsuruta & asagi, SidiRum, Softcoresoft, T. Gowdy, Tati au Miel, the Bionic Harpist, TiND, Vigliensoni, Wasted Fates and Zandoli II & The Wasafari.


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