Flohio shares New Single and Announces Soon-to-be-Released Mixtape

British-Nigerian artist Flohio returns with a crisp new single and a mixtape announcement.

Lagos born U.K rapper Funmi Ohiosumah, otherwise known as Flohio, is slated to release the mixtape Unveiled this coming November. Paired with the announcement is a single which shares the title Unveiled. The Daniel Sannwald-directed video is blissful high-anxiety accompanied by visuals of Flohio tightly packed into claustrophobic environments. The choreography was directed by ALL CHOREOGRAPHERS ARE BASTARD.

Flohios flow is at once draws from golden-era hip hop while toying with syncopation enough to push the modern envelope. She intermittently displays accent variance with a charming inventiveness.

Flohio’s most recent release was 2018’s Wild Yout. The nascent artist has been performing and preparing for this year’s release since then. Last year, she explained her ‘DIY or Die’ philosophy to the Guardian, “There’s so much joy in getting your hands dirty, messing up and then succeeding. You gain knowledge that way. What I have is quite delicate. I can’t just place it in random hands because I don’t know how they’ll handle it. It scares me. I’m standing firm until I have all my foundations set, then they can come back and have that conversation.””

Listen Down to the new track and Daniel Sannwald directed video:


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