Trump Admin Hints at Third Arab Nation to Enter into ‘Peace Deal’ with Israel In Next 2 Days

The US envoy to the United Nations has said another Arab country is likely to make ‘peace’ with Israel in the next few days. Given the fact that the announcement was made on a Saudi owned media outlet, one can only speculate which country this is. 

By Abu Khalil

It is amazing how the Trump administration has successfully rebranded the normalization of relationships as ‘peace deals.’ Kelly Kraft, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said on Wednesday that another Arab country would enter into normalization with Israel ‘within the next two days.’

In statements made to Saudi-owned news channel Al-Arabiya, Kraft alleges that another Arab nation will soon likely enter into a ‘peace deal’ with Israel and along with others “within the next day or two”.

She elaborated on the Arab states’ normalization with Israel that “our plan is to bring more countries…which we will have more being announced very soon. It could be today…there will be one in the next day or two… yes so we are very excited and know that others are going to be following, and what we don’t want to do is to not isolate anyone but to bring everyone on board in hopes that this will allow the Iranian citizens to see that people really want peace in the Middle East and they are part of this peace.”

Kraft made clear that Washington hopes regional power-broker Saudi Arabia will enter into a similar normalization agreement with Israel. Many find the delivery of such a message to a Saudi owned media outlet as a clear indication of the kingdom’s willingness to enter into a peace deal with Israel. 

She expanded on the potential for a Saudi-Israeli rapprochement, “We will certainly welcome the fact that Saudi Arabia will be next (on the path of normalization), but what is important is that we focus on the agreements and do not allow the Iranian regime to exploit the good intentions of Bahrain, the Emirates or Israel.”

To be clear, the UAE, Bahrain, or Saudi Arabia have never been in an active war with Israel. The Arab countries who participated in wars against Israel ostensibly did so on behalf of Palestinians, fellow Arabs, who were forcibly removed from their homes throughout the 20th century and continue to endure an apartheid state to this day. Simply said, there can be no authentic Arab-Israeli peace until a just and equitable solution is made for Palestinians. 


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