Despite the allegations being disproven repeatedly, the Biden-Laptop story continues to grow among Trump’s most delusional supporters. In fact, it may be more dangerous now that it is debunked.

By David Icke Turner

Falling behind in the polls and expected to lose the election, President Trump and his allies are throwing Hail-Mary passes in the final quarter. The most high profile of this last minute attempt to derail Biden is in the form of the Hunter Biden Laptop ‘Scandal.’ The entire controversy was launched by a New York Post article which was prompted by none other than Steve Bannon. Bannon reportedly provided the alleged laptop contents.

The meat and potatoes of the story go like this: At some point in 2019, Hunter Biden decided to drop off a laptop for repair in a state he did not live in to a repair shop managed by a blind man. According to the New York Post article, this laptop allegedly contained incriminating evidence regarding correspondence with Ukrainian officials where Biden’s illegally peddled influence. The allegations by the Post have been disproven by innumerable, reputable media sources. Further, nobody has authenticated that any of the emails the Post alleges are Hunter Biden’s are indeed his. There is no accompanying metadata, the man who alleges Biden dropped the laptop at his Delaware shop is blind, and the whole of the data capture has not been handed over to any reputable media source for examination. Therein lies the danger.

You see, in the land of make believe and top-of-the-dome conspiracy, a disjointed and baseless accusation can be more dangerous than a substantive allegation. Conspiracies are underpinned by speculation; hence the less the evidence the better. True to 2020 conspiracy form, the original accusations of corrupt dealings with Ukrainian officials have morphed into allegations that the laptop contains videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack and of him raping a young Chinese girl.

To be clear, none of this is in the vicinity of being substantiated. Russian fingerprints on this story of vast and credible — So much so that the FBI is currently investigating any Russian connections with the data. Putin also has every interest in throwing a monkey wrench into U.S.-Ukrainian relations. According to Slate, “There are also strong indicators that Russia had something to do with this whole affair, though nothing has surfaced definitively proving this is the case. In January, the same Russian intelligence unit that hacked Hillary Clinton’s and the Democratic National Committee’s emails in 2016 was also able to infiltrate Burisma’s systems. U.S. intelligence analysts subsequently picked up chatter indicating that stolen Burisma emails would be leaked as part of an October surprise aimed at influencing the election. Analysts were further concerned that forged materials might be included in the leak—something that, without the original materials in question, journalists can’t verify for themselves, leaving everyone to take the New York Post’s word. (And, in case you forgot, U.S. intelligence agencies once again say Russia is trying to tilt the election in favor of Trump.)”

Yet Bannon and his goons did well to include connections with Hunter Biden’s confirmed drug use. All lines of bullshit are presented with smatterings of truth. Joe Biden has on many occasions referenced his son’s battle with addiction. One of the most poignant moments in the last debate was when Biden defended his son and his previous battles with cocaine abuse. However, do not let intimation of truth rutter the narrative here. The allegations by the Post and others have been repeatedly disproven. It is a nothing-burger. It is an impotent October Surprise by a President that is flailing in the face of a lost election. It’s possible more absurdities will follow and there could be a tangible impact or maybe data’s origins will further incriminate Bannon/Trump. Ultimately, it is a last ditch effort of an incompetent and incapable President to address the imminent deaths of another 200,000 of his compatriots before year’s end.


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