Could Biden Actually Turn Texas Blue? New Poll Says ‘Yes’

Biden has a narrow lead over Trump in the Lone Star State according to latest data

By Abu Khalil

What was once unthinkable is now remotely possible. Even Willie Fucking Nelson has endorsed Joe Biden.

A recent poll demonstrates that Texas voters in the otherwise quintessentially right-wing state are leaning towards Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden rather than President Donald Trump. Texas’ whopping 38 electoral college votes could easily clench the presidency for Biden in an election where vastly smaller states are hotly contested. Nonetheless, the same poll indicates that Texans will likely maintain status quo in regard to their incumbent Republican senators.

In a poll released earlier this week by progressive firm Data for Progress, 47% of expected Texas voters selected Biden, compared to 46% for Trump. 5 percent of respondents said they had yet to determine their choice. The two candidates are clearly very close in what otherwise should be home turf for the GOP. However, Dem voters should not get too excited too soon: The poll has a 3.2 percent margin of error — well within striking distance for Trump.

Meanwhile, poll respondents selected Republican incumbent Senator John Cornyn by a 3-point margin over Democratic challenger M.J. Hegar.

Texas has enjoyed marked increases in early voter turnout thus far. In 2016, the state saw just 16% of it’s voters participate in early voting at this time. In 2020, that number has jumped to 21% and is expected to rise. 

“We are making history in Harris County — over half a million voters have cast their ballots in just four days,” said Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins in a statement last week. “We’ve provided more voter access than ever before, from drive-thru voting to tripling the number of early voting locations. Harris County voters have responded by making their voices heard!”

As of Monday, 1,983,090 Texans have cast ballots in early elections in the 10 most densely populated counties.

With 38 electoral college votes, a Biden victory in Texas would make it just about impossible for Trump to win the election. Shifting demographics and droves of people moving to Texas from the West Coast are expected to eventually turn the state’ blue.’ If the state’s younger electorate makes it out to vote, that could happen, ahem, sooner than later. 


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