The 2020 Election Was a Repudiation of the Perpetual Culture War

It turns out Twitter noise and crowd size are not as important to the political process as many of us supposed. The future looks moderate. 

By King Lars

The current election season has found itself inside its own “Groundhog Day.” The media has called the presidency for Biden but the Trump team is waging multiple legal battles in order to overturn state electoral certifications and maintain the presidency despite no path to victory. Yet, one thing is for sure: the election made clear that America wants to change the channel.

Each party’s respective electorate has made clear that it has grown tired of divisive narratives and the never-ending urgency of ‘fight or flight’ scenarios. Joe Biden, a textbook moderate, adequately defeated an incumbent president for the first time since another moderate Bill Clinton did so 28 years ago. Large swaths of Republicans voted against Trump rejecting 4 years of partisan warfare and vitriol. Democratic house members suffered as a result of their party having moved into the fringes of the overton window.  Much of what we have learned about the political discourse in the U.S. turned out to be myth. While many conflated ephemeral indicators such as Twitter noise and crowd sizes at rally’s with real-world impact and actual support, boring people were making their moves on the ground in silence. When it comes to the popularity of ideas, voter turnout, and results, the energy is with the moderates.

One thing that can be drawn from the chaos and confusion is that the tight race between the two presidential contenders is a signifier of the current cultural divide in the United States. That said, most people do not want the culture war to descend into a kinetic war. In the meanwhile, we have to watch the zealots play out the last gasps of their fantasy.

Think about it: is this a complete coup? Or, is this just due diligence to ensure a just election? Well, the answer probably depends on your side of the culture war. If you do NOT fall into a culture war camp, you may be more apt to see this for what it is: political fundraising disguised as recount donations. For God’s sake, you would have to donate more than 8k to have your money earmarked for election recounts. 

Culture wars are a period of intense polarization where warring factions fight for dominance, and the values and beliefs of society are on the line, and the United States is in the midst of its own culture war. 

Warfare has changed overtime, evolving from the battlefields. It is no longer a matter of one side going up against the other. The American culture war has truly matured, coming into full gear: a true realization of fourth-generational warfare. The everyday citizen has become a hyper-political being, just another agent in the ongoing war. 

The culture war has manifested as extreme left versus extreme right. Trump has, paradoxically,  become the official figurehead of the right’s culture war, which is defined by anti-globalism, strong borders, nationalism, and libertarian economics. 

Election day was always set to be a truly explosive event in the culture war. However, rather than being a victorious charge for one side, it has seemed to have stopped both dead in their tracks. However, the mass riots between hordes of right-wing militia against a sea of black-clad Antifa never materialized despite their hopeful wishes for confrontation. No, reasonable people held it down for the 2020 election. Centrists and moderates are the clear victors.

The Trump-zealots did not get the victory they thought was assured. Rather than decisive defeat, their abrasive and often crude figurehead has lost face with an uncertain and upward climb through a legal pantheon of lawsuits and recounts. 

The left lost out from the very beginning of the runoff: the progressive candidates did not make it to the finals, and instead the mantle was given to the establishment darling Joe Biden. 

Not only that, but Republicans and moderate Democrats have made massive gains in the house, beating out many progressive candidates and turning a few extra seats red in the process. 

The American public has come together to give the radicals on either side the middle finger. We are tired of your shit and just want to get back on with our lives. 

More importantly, we just want you to leave us alone. 

No matter who is president, you’re still the reason for your own problems. It’s time that we as a nation remember that fact and put politics back on the back-burner before it catches the house on fire. 


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