George Soros Addresses Alt-Right Conspiracies in New Doc

A new documentary, Soros, addresses the nefarious mythos behind the boogeyman himself — but how will George Soros ruin your life today?

By Captain Semantics

The 90-year-old billionaire investor and political philanthropist George Soros has become the nexus of all evil in the universe to alt-right conspiracy types, GOP politicians, anti-semites, or just about anyone seeking a scapegoat for the world’s problems. The multiverse of Soros’ alleged crimes include funding Antifa and BLM to personally orchestrate the ‘stolen’ election from Donald Trump. Get on any reddit, 4chan, Parler, or right wing Facebook group and you will surely find Soros as the one pulling strings behind everything from the ‘Gay Agenda’ to the ‘Reptilian Agenda.’ Dude has his work cut out for him.

 That said, all of these allegations are simply fantasy and are never rooted in evidence. Sadly, Soros merely fits the caricature of a scary, evil Jew billionaire that controls world events from a smokey room. If it were only that simple, we could neutralize all of the evil in the world by taking out Soros. Reasonable people know this is  a fantasy.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has helped give Soros the boogeyman reputation and has gone as far as falsely claiming in 2016 that he was backing John Kasich for president. Late last summer, Trump called into Fox & Friends and claimed that Soros was orchestrating Antifa. Last week, former Republican House Speaker and architect of the ‘Contract with America’, Newt Gingrich, went on Fox News to point the finger at Soros for  masterminding the ‘stealing’ of the presidential election from Trump.

 Finally, a new documentary has come along to help dispel the endless rumors about the all-seeing, omnipresent man. The film titled Soros, was directed by Jesse Dylan and is slated for release Nov. 20th. The doc explores the early life of the Hungarian-born Soros and later details his escape from the Third Reich. 

The film explains the origins of Soros’ philanthropy beginning with his building of hedge fund billions and later the launch of his charity network ‘Open Society Foundations.’ The film boasts a rare sequence of interviews with the otherwise reclusive Soros—he even chimes in on the various conspiracies that have come to define his public persona.

“The fact that I have become involved in so many different issues, and have taken controversial positions, is now actually working against me,” Soros explains in the doc.

Ultimately, Soros’ comes off as a benign character who happened to make a shit ton of money and decided to disburse it to organizations/candidates he likes. He just so happens to lean ‘liberal’ so the right-wing conspiracies keep coming. 

One must wonder how the doc will be received by his detractors. Is this doc just more disinformation by Soros? Are there subliminal messages contained within the doc that will turn one gay or make one amenable to Sharia Law? Or gay Sharia Law? Only time will tell. 

Watch the trailer.


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