End of an Error

The presidency of Donald Trump does not end when Joe Biden is sworn into office on January 20.It ended today.

By Anatole d’Ecotopia

That end occurred sometime between when the disgraced former president spoke in person to incite the insurrectionist armed mob that disrupted the proceedings of the Electoral Vote certification (by way of occupying the U.S. Capitol Building), and when he later spoke via recorded video (delivered, inevitably, via Twitter) to the same mob — ostensibly to honor incoming President Biden’s request that he ask the mob to disperse, but (again, inevitably) instead inciting the mob further by again reciting his imaginary electoral fraud grievances.

Oh, and he told them that he loved them. I’m sure that has some sort of special significance.

Vice President Pence, having finally found enough testicular fortitude to inform the would-be dictator that he cannot outrightly steal an election for him, needs to grow the full set and demand a letter of resignation — even if it has to be written with a sharpie — under the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution… you know: The one Donald Trump’s beloved mob today trampled upon. And, lest acting President Pence get any bright ideas about granting blanket pardons to disgraced former presidents, he should recall that former presidents, including acting one, remain liable to impeachment — and that the Democratic Majority Senate that will soon be taking over the chambers Trump’s mob desecrated will not be in a mood to forgive or forget.

The disgraced former president’s many enablers in Congress should also consider, as they prepare to resume the vote certification of their dear leader’s successor, that the precise definition of “treason” in the United States involves providing aid and succor to enemies of the United States — which is currently a pretty fair description of Donald Trump.

Trump’s resignation and Biden’s certification both need to happen immediately. There also need to be investigations and hearings into the matter of how this mob managed to get as far as they did, as well as why it took so long for the Pentagon’s current civilian leadership to give the necessary orders to defend this nation’s Capitol and Capital city. 

But that can come later.

What needs to happen now, without any further delay, is that this culminating disgrace of Trump’s presidency also be the end of Trump’s presidency. The honor and dignity of the office he has disgraced… demands it.


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