‘Satanic Hispanics’ urges aud to accept audacity

An amazing omnibus of scary stories rooted in Latin culture Satanic Hispanics presents a criss-cross of chilling stories that transverses other dimensions, other realities, other time zones.

Satanic Hispanics uses as a bracketing story the interrogation of a suspect who was the only one alive at a massacre. Efren Ramirez playing The Traveler has the most compelling character in the film. You enjoy the various vignettes of horror yet you can’t wait to get back to The Traveler.

Directors include Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider), Demian Rugna from Argentina, Eduardo Sanchez (Blair Witch Project), Gigi Saul Guerrero from Mexico, and Alejandro Bruges (Juan of the Dead).

The atmosphere of Satanic Hispanics races between compelling scenarios, all resolved with the flair of an episode of  The Twilight Zone. One has a man who uses a flashlight to form patterns on a wall that open another dimensions. Another episode El Vampiro, which seems derivative at first, make sharp narrative leaps that rewards the genre.

We keep coming back to The Traveler who warns the passive aggressive detectives that everyone in the station is about to die.

Is this a threat the lady detective asks? “No, it’s a warning.”

Satanic Hispanics is currently in select theaters.


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