Things that go bump in the night

A streaming debut of a 20th Fox title, No One Will Save You scores points for being so specific. The entire film revolves around a young woman (Kaitlyn Dever) fighting off a home invasion of aliens at her rural home.

This is Dever’s movie; it’s a supreme performance. She’s in every almost frame. The entire film literally has one line of dialogue. Of course you could consider screams and paroxysms of horror words of a sort. There’s also the sound of the alien invaders. A kind of clicking percussive way of communicating.

Dever as Brynn has inherited the house, a two-story cottage in the woods. We get this from photos on the wall and other set decorations that define character as well as a sense of place. 

The aliens are super aggressive and blood is drawn on both side.

Brynn stabs her first encounter in the head. All of the power including house electricity and car engines are down. The next morning Brynn witnesses the alien she killed the night before floating out of the house and seemingly regenerating.

No One Will Save You takes no prisoners. Unrelenting horrific attacks on Brynn just keep escalating. At one point there’s a giant alien. The gigantic figure moves its insect like arms into different letters, not unlike an intergalactic cheerleader.

Sophomore director Brian Duffield has crafted an admiral bit of cinema that can be appreciated on multiply levels.

No One Will Save You is currently streaming on Hulu.


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