Cabin in the Desert

A hiker in the desert tries to help an obviously lost young boy. The confused child keeps running away. 

Eventually the hiker loses his own trail and wakes up in a small canyon with no way out. On the floor of the canyon is a small cabin where a taciturn woman lives.

You know what comes next. Desert denizens living in another reality. The Seeding can vary from being a film about a cult to a film about destiny.

A demanding thriller with horrific overtones The Seeding pummels to an inevitable ending. As directed by Barnaby Clay, in his sophomore outing after a 2016 rock music photography documentary, The Seeding creeps with seedy overtones. Desert communities are never friendly stopovers.

There’s a lot of screaming yet the real sense of danger rests on the lost hiker (Scott Haze), not so much for the woman (Kate Lyn Sheil). The two are alternatively terrorized and then assisted by a gang of teens.

The antagonists on the rim are always seen from the point of view of Haze and Sheil looking up. Overhead shots are rare.

Unable to get out of his predicament Haze eventually mates with Sheil, because any other description of their uneasy relationship would be misleading.

If only director Clay would just give an overall establishing shot that showed how Haze is trapped. All the scenes take place in a half-radius facing the same direction. 

There’s still appreciable amounts of terror and qualm that give The Seeding a unique take on its mixed genre pranks.

The Seeding premieres in theaters and VOD Friday, January 26.

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